Dear Colleague, dear Friend,

Thank you for joining us in the collaboration to formulate the next steps in our effort to optimize placenta pathology studies. The aim is to define the research that would make a difference to pregnant women, their offspring, their families and caretakers.

In line with the Amsterdam criteria workshop and the book: 'Placenta Pathology, a practical guide' we are now aiming to come to a Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) for placenta pathology as there are still knowledge gaps and unanswered questions.

This PSP is a procedure that aims to define the 10 most important unanswered research questions regarding placenta pathology and related interventions for researchers to answer. The list will guide funders and policy makers.

The PSP has an iterative approach, like the methods developed by the James Lind Alliance (for those of you who are familiar with it). We use an amended, slightly easier approach.

The first round is a very short questionnaire regarding background and the 3 most important unanswered research questions in placenta pathology studies in your opinion. Please be aware that, regardless of their importantce, very rare lesions may not be prioritized although research is important; it would depend on how many expert participants prioritize that specific rare lesion as an important research topic in the subsequent rounds.

After this first round we will need some time (months) to analyse the suggested research questions for possible evidence in the literature. After that, we come up with a longlist of relevant but unaswered research questions that need to be prioritized by the panel of experts in the second round.

Please circulate the survey QR code to all colleagues you think would like to collaborate and would make an important contribution to our project.

Please complete the survey below.

Kind regards,

Yee Khong, Sanne Gordijn,

on behalf of Neil Sebire, Alex Heazell, Mauritia Marijnen, Frank Bloomfield, Elisabeth Kooi and Wessel Ganzevoort

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